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Mildly Dubious Consent. Bottom Donatello (TMNT) Leo helped Donnie during his last heat, and it is almost time for Donnie to return the favor. The final days before Leo's heat begins are packed with a date, an alarming discovery, and a surprise doctor visit. It's a lot to get done, but they have plenty of time!

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Dream SMP, Minecraft (Video Game) A story about a new character named Bee who is part of L'manburg during The Festival Era. With Schlatt in power, and new enemy's and allies forming, Bee needs to learn who to trust. Old friends become questionable allies. New friends become possible heroes.Chapter Text. Hiya BladeNoBean here! I'll be taking requests :) I do Technoblade smuts (x readers). I will do: Boy x Boy Girl x Boy Choke kinks Smut Etc. What I WON'T DO. Rape. NO CONSENT?? consent sexy af and we all need it.Dream abuses and assaults him and starves him and it changes the way Tommy perceives himself and continues the starving habit even when he gets home. It worries Tubbo, he wants to help Tommy get better. ... Smut (204) Anal Sex (137) Bottom TommyInnit (Video Blogging RPF) (108) Hurt/Comfort (87) Other Additional Tags to Be Added (82) Fluff and ...Top/s: Sapnap (23 in this au), George Bottom: Dream. Smut, Smut, Smut.. Please don't judge-Chapter Text. 3rd Person. Dream, George and Sapnap had been planning a challenge, Basically, Dream was going to play as a Minecraft Cat, and the other two were supposed to beat the game, while keeping him alive.Smut; Character Death; Torture; Kidnapping; Clay | Dream-centric (Video Blogging RPF) Language: English Stats: Published: 2021-02-24 Updated: 2021-04-11 Words: 30,409 ... Top: Minx Bottom: Dream. Fluff <3. Chapter Text. 3rd Person. It had been about a month since Minx and Dream had, well, done it. And they believed they should tell the other's ...

Clay | Dream/GeorgeNotFound/Karl Jacobs/Sapnap (23) Exclude Additional Tags Bottom Karl Jacobs (315) Top Sapnap (Video Blogging RPF) (203) Anal Sex (168) Smut (140) Anal Fingering (108) Praise Kink (84) Blow Jobs (69) Top Clay | Dream (Video Blogging RPF) (62) Fluff and Smut (57) Aftercare (49) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers ...

← Previous Work Part 7 of Poly Dream Team Next Work ... Words: 102,644 Chapters: 102/102 Comments: 695 Kudos: 6,068 Bookmarks: 255 Hits: 428,709. Animal Hybrids (Mainly Smut) Oneshots (REQUESTS CLOSED) Ciel_Creations. Chapter 6: Wolf!Sapnap X Bunny!Quackity X Wolf!Karl Summary: Requested by MeDuMb:]! Chapter Text.

Part 1 of Bottom Dream supremacy Stats: Published: 2021-01-29 Updated: 2021-02-01 Words: 3,158 Chapters: 4/? Comments: 19 Kudos: 454 Bookmarks: 19 Hits: 29,975. Bottom Dream Supremacy smut orphan_account. Chapter 4: Devil knocks on the door. (Sapnap x Dream x george) Summary: Sapnap and Dream are incredibly hard, and the only way they can get ...Peter is thinking about telling reader his feelings, backs down in the moment and asks what he thinks of Spider-Man. Reader says he's doing great things! Also he has a great ass lol. Peter is shook, confesses his vigilante identity. "I knew that ass looked familiar", smut ensues, reader can bottom.Drunz - Requested - Good boy. Dream wrapped his arms around Punz, whining quietly. "C'mon babe, you know I have to work on the plan," Punz sighed, looking up at the dirty blonde. "But you can do that later," Dream huffed with a small pout.Bottom Karl oneshots (nsfw/fluff) InlovewithKarlnap. Chapter 38: God's Punishment pt 2 (DreamXD/Karl) smut Notes: Karl turns into a dog hybrid lol. Oh yeah Karl gets fucked to death idk how worse it can get . ... Dream XD doesn't give Karl a chance to enjoy the slow pace, thrusting at a faster and much more rough pace to induce a yelp from ...Smut Books (Bottom Dream) - Thats_My_Ideax - Wattpad. Reading List. 4 Stories. Like these stories? Follow Thats_My_Ideax. Smutt story in Ao3. 751 5 2. this book contains …

Bottom Clay | Dream (Video Blogging RPF) Switch Clay | Dream (Video Blogging RPF) Bottom Darryl Noveschosch; Top Sapnap (Video Blogging RPF) Top GeorgeNotFound (Video Blogging RPF) Summary. Dream's leap of faith backfires. However, Bad takes pity and offers him a deal. Do them a favour, and Dream gets a 30-second headstart to try again.

Fanart. Lots and lots of hybrid art. Now featuring Trans Clay | Dream (Video Blogging RPF) Language: English. Stats: Published: 2021-09-05.

Bottom Wilbur Soot. Brief Mention of Disordered Eating. Slow Burn. Now seeing him in the light, he recognized the messy brown hair, the half-lidded mocking eyes, the revolting smell of nicotine, the disgusting white streak, and it made him seethe.Minx x Dream Requested by: @Here_we_go_again- (On wattpad) Top: Minx Bottom: Dream. Warning: Smut, Pegging. Chapter Text. 3rd Person. George had just finished his love or host and during that, he had accidentally made a new potential couple. Dream and Minx. Minx had said, on the stream, that she was going to visit him as soon as possible, and ...bottomtord. toptom. # 14. Sugar Lump Dreams (sugar daddy au) by Thorfrid. 1.6K 37 3. Tord has dreams big dreams and with his biological father being a useless lump of coal he needs a way out there a way to get to where he wants to be, which right now is... toptom. tomtord. subtord. Bottom Clay | Dream (Video Blogging RPF) Trust Issues. Hair Brushing. techno is cringe and in love. when technoblade visits dream in prison, he knows it's a trap, but he owes a debt and he's a man of his word. so he goes to fulfill that debt and to check on an old ally. Mergers. Bottom Dream has been made a synonym of Bottom Clay | Dream (Video Blogging RPF). Works and bookmarks tagged with Bottom Dream will show up in Bottom Clay | Dream (Video Blogging RPF)'s filter. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

Soft Clay | Dream/Sapnap (Video Blogging RPF) Fluff. George isn't quiet in the kitchen though as he opens cupboards and sets the bowl down on the counter; Dream can even hear him shake the cereal with exaggerated force. Sapnap moves again, letting out a low hum this time, and Dream rolls his eyes at George's antics.Dream asked, and George's eyes widen. A long time ago Dream and George made a deal that if they are both single and desperate they would start dating. They are best friends, very comfortable with each other, they have done... intimate things before. Series. Part 1 of DreamNotFound Smut Oneshots; Language: English Words: 887 Chapters: 1/1 ...emodemongirl. Ongoing. First published Jan 12, 2021. I well regret this kinda and if they are uncomfortable with this I well take it down there is fluff and smut. ____. bottom- Wilbur. top- dream. ____. bye bye!!Dream and Quackity fall in love but they both aren't happy with it. Dream fell in love with his torturer and Quackity fell in love with the most dangerous villan on the... Completed. dreamityship. dsmpships. bigq. +10 more. # 4. A Dreamity Book by Dawg Man.this is just going to be little oneshots that I hope you guys will enjoy! much love

Read dream smut • caught from the story dream team imagines and oneshots by writtenwordsonpages (bitch) with 19,370 reads. imagines, dream, dreamwastaken. Clay ... My hand moved down my thigh and between my legs, slowly and lightly continuing my original motions. I bit down on my bottom lip again, pleasure shooting through me.Smut; Fluff and Smut; Angst; Fluff and Angst; Angst and Fluff and Smut; Violence; Revenge; Revenge Sex; Fights; Porn; Porn with Feelings; Porn With Plot; Gay Porn Hard; Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot; Gay Sex; Bottom Clay | Dream (Video Blogging RPF) ... Bottom Dream Unrully_Pinneappe. Chapter 7: ...

Bottom Clay | Dream (Video Blogging RPF) Summary. Dream's lips were hungry when he pulled George into the kiss, like having permission to do so made it all more intense. For George, it definitely added an extra layer of urgency, and he grabbed Dream's face like a lifeline, fingers catching on the rough texture of his stubbled jaw.Dream SMP/Team Smut. so the first one um disappeared idk what happened and I lost all the chapters. So time to start over.. This book will have sexual content and some gory scenes. It is personas and Minecraft skins/ fan art only not the real people because I find that weird. no minors will be written in any sexual manner.After an accident, Dream believes he is an awful person, and doesn't deserve anything good in life. ... Bottom Dream Oneshots by Ideax. 177K 2.6K 38. Heya! The title speaks for itself but I'm just here to say the rules! First, no DNF or no DNB. And no shipping minors. Also, I CAN do smut if you want me to! dre; dreamsmut; dream +7 more # 18.Bottom Kang Taehyun (571) Top Choi Beomgyu (260) Anal Sex (179) Omega Kang Taehyun (137) Top Choi Yeonjun (136) Top Choi Soobin (121) Top Huening Kai (110) Anal Fingering (108) Smut (92) Blow Jobs (75) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Include crossovers; Exclude crossovers; Show only crossovers; Completion Status.Smut; Lemon; One Shot; NSFW; Reader-Insert; x Reader; Language: English Stats: Published: 2020-10-09 Completed: 2021-03-23 Words: 14,063 Chapters: 11/11 Comments: 75 Kudos: 1,803 Bookmarks: 98 ... "Why would you want to swim when you're already wet", he said while snaking his hand towards the bottom of your bathing suit. His hand grazed your ...10-01-2022 - Read Dream x George from the story Bottom Dream smutshots by Under_tha_Sea with 9,045 reads. technodream, helpmeplease, dreamnap. Type: Fluff (I didn't have an...

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quackity noticed and blushed furiously, remembering his wet dream and shoving his face in his hands "oh my god- I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to-" Wilbur cut him off by grabbing his chin "don't apologize, we woke you up because we wondered if you needed assistance with your problem, if you want of course"

Twelve years since anybody last spoke of Dream. Twelve long, grueling years as king. But, after so many years of collecting concubines and torturing prisoners, there is a whisper. A rumor, of a forest which comes and goes. And a being who lives in the center, a seller of wares and collector of souls.This is a repost of a smut fic that was probably reasonably deleted, however I saw some requests for this and well.. here it is. Archived: 2022-04-29 Updated: 2021-08-08 Published: 2021-01-04. ... Bottom Clay | Dream (Video Blogging …Minx x Dream Requested by: @Here_we_go_again- (On wattpad) Top: Minx Bottom: Dream. Warning: Smut, Pegging. Chapter Text. 3rd Person. George had just finished his love or host and during that, he had accidentally made a new potential couple. Dream and Minx. Minx had said, on the stream, that she was going to visit him as soon as possible, and ...dream smp smut A_G_writer. Summary: just porn of dream smp people. Chapter 1: phil/wilbur Chapter Text. Wilbur walked alongside Philza in the late night of a lit-up path. The phantom preferred the night time over the day time for obvious reasons, really they were just going to gather resources, but Wilbur couldn't help the creeping urge in ...CRACK SMUT - Tastes like lobster Slave 068-114-101-097-109 DNB - He rocks dresses as well Dreamnobur - My mates, and my pups. ... #badboyhalo #bottom #dnf #dream #dreambur #dreamwastaken #georgenotfound #gream #sapdream #sapnap #team #technoblade #technodream.Feb 14, 2023 - Read Guys Please Stop from the story bottom dream smutshots by rottonfoxfangs (Vox simps for ....) with 4,714 reads. dreamnobur, smutwarning, sapnapxdream. Gu...Dreambur (Dream x Wilbur) Requested by: _duckyduck. Fluff, light angst. Warning: Ghostdre, Ghostbur, SLIGHT mentions of some kinda abuse. ———————————. 3rd Person. Ghostbur floated after the new blonde ghost, examining him and how he...never smiled. It made him sad, knowing he didn't smile, and he made it a goal to make him ...Your POV. I wake up with Dream cuddled up next to me, an arm lazily draped ontop of me. It makes me smile seeing that every morning ever since I finally caved to his constant begging of moving in together. I haven't.regretted it yet, so maybe he was right. The sun peeks through the blinds as he sleeps peacefully still.If that is a word. I set it down as I peek out through the kitchen for a clear shot of the front door. I can hear my heart beat as I realize who's here. Read His Turn - Dream (SMUT) from the story Mcyt One Shots by TheShipCreator (Someone) with 5,067 reads. sapnap, fundy, dreamwastaken. Hey, it's smut.Chapter Text. Karl excitedly carries the package to his room, practically shredding it to pieces opening it. He’d recently bought a sweater online that was titled as ‘virgin killer sweater,’

A hundred years of lost magic. And only green eyes that glow through the dark can reclaim what was lost in the unknown forest. {Dream Harem FF} {Fantasy} -I did this for... During one of Quackity's torture sessions, Dream accidentally cracks his pendant. It fully shatters after one of Dream's breakdowns in his sleep, He then wakes up to his...Dreams getting railed; Summary. It's a week after the chaotic events that went on lats stream. The boys haven't streamed since then. They wake up feeling horny and fuck I guess? Ooo also Dream bottoms for the first time. Also this is the second part to my dreamnap smut story besties go read no.1 first Includes: Gay sex, Bottom Dream. SeriesSry START READING FROM THE BOTTOM CHAPTERS, as those stories are most recent + well written -taking requests- *they get better as time goes on I swear* 90% is dream being sad and George comforting him Avg word count : 850-2900 Oct, 8, 22 - 15k reads Dec, 12, 22 - 55k reads Feb, 2, 23 - 100k reads Mar...Bottom Dream Smutshots Anonymous Summary: I think the title makes it pretty obvious ... Chapter 1: Awesamdude x Dream Summary: Dream didn't tell anyone that he is an omega, so he ends up going into heat in prison. Sam finds out and helps him through it. Notes: Never written smut before tbh. Chapter Text. When Sam entered the prison cell, he ...Instagram:https://instagram. nude pictures of mckayla maroneysexmex full free videosbig booty latina oiled upbarbara pewterschmidt nude Bottom Wilbur Soot; Fluff and Smut; Dry Humping; Power Dynamics; Past Alexis | Quackity/Karl Jacobs/Sapnap; Not Canon Compliant; Hugging; ... In some dreams its beautiful, a joyous reunion that brings back something he cares about. However, most of these dreams are far more realistic, and remind Quackity of what he went through, how he suffered ... craigslist columbus aptmature mom facial Complete. First published Mar 05, 2021. Mature. !TW! a bit of strong language and Smut. MY FRIENDS MADE ME WRITE A SMUT AS MY FIRST STORY I'M SORRY! (am I sorry??) Nick-Top Karl-Bottom. I KNOW SAPNAP IS A BOTTOM (obviously) BUT LETS JUST PRETEND FOR THE CONTENT :)) Karl and Nick (sapnap) meet at Bad's party with George, Clay (Dream), Skeppy ... courtney friel bikini Bottom Dream Oneshots Fanfiction. Heya! The title speaks for itself but I'm just here to say the rules! First, no DNF or no DNB. And no shipping minors. Also, I CAN do smut if you want me to! #bottomdream #dre #dream #dreambur #dreamharem #dreamity #dreamnap #dreamsmp #dreamsmut #dsmpSub Bottom Clay | Dream (Video Blogging RPF) Top Jschlatt (Video Blogging RPF) (implied) - Freeform. No Smut. Hair-pulling. Sugar Daddy Jschlatt (Video Blogging RPF) Footsteps sounded outside the heavy-set doors, and Dream rushed to push Schlatt away from ruining his neck any further.